Temple of the Crystal-Pink Flame of Archangel Chamuel and Charity

Etheric Retreat of the Archangels of the Third Ray

Archangel Chamuel and Charity maintain an etheric retreat over St. Louis, Missouri, “on the south side” of North America. The retreat is called the Temple of the Crystal-Pink Flame. An arc of divine love forms a bridge between this retreat and that of the Elohim of the third ray, Heros and Amora, in the etheric realm near Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.

The altar and flame of the Temple of the Crystal-Pink Flame are dedicated to the flow of life from the heart of God to the heart of Christ to the heart of man.

Gateway Arch – a Symbol for the Retreat

The city’s most prominent landmark, the 630-foot high stainless steel Gateway Arch, stands on the banks of the Mississippi River and symbolizes St. Louis as the gateway to the West. Inspired by the inner design of the retreat, the Gateway Arch is intended as a sign to quicken the awareness of all who behold it that here is the open door to Archangel Chamuel and Charity’s retreat.

The emanation of the love ray from the etheric retreat is a flow of creativity. It has been misused in dissonant forms of art and music as well as a certain momentum of prejudice and narrow-mindedness that is the perversion of the true flame of love. Nevertheless, the flame of love from this retreat promotes the generosity of heart, the givingness and forgivingness of the people on the North American continent.

The enormous energy of love simply flushes out all else and assists the people to retain that concern for the world and for humanity.

Morning and Evening Prayers to Archangel Chamuel and Charity

Morning Prayer
El Morya instructs us in Chela and the Path: “Each day the sons and daughters of God evolving in Mater have the opportunity to receive the energies of one of the seven rays cycling from the sphere of light held in the heart of an archangel ….Receive the Lord’s appointed spirits with the salutation

‘Hail, flaming one of God! Welcome, son of the Most High! Enter, thou servant of the Lord. Come into the sanctuary of being where the kingdom of God is come into manifestation on earth as it in in heaven.'”

Evening Prayer Before Retiring

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
O my soul, let us arise from our abode.
Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, with Archangel Michael and a cordon of blue-lightening angels, transport my soul clothed in my finer bodies, fully equipped with the armor of God, to Archangel Chamuel and Charity’s Temple of the Pink-Crystal Flame over St. Louis Missouri or to the designated place of my Holy Work this night. Escort me, instruct me, and guide and protect me and all co-servers, I pray Thee, now and always as we serve to cut free all life on earth.

Etheric Retreats of the Archangels

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