Memories of the Spiritual Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood

The retreats are very real and our service with the masters on these levels is also real, and yet, most often, there is no outer memory of the retreat experience. A spiritual seeker may visit the retreats for some time before having a waking memory of an experience there. Many have no direct memory, but simply return with a prompting, a feeling or an inner direction about decisions to be made in life.

Many times our retreat experiences and service with the masters on the etheric plane will come to our outer awareness as the recall of a particularly vivid dream.

Mark Prophet, founder of the Summit Lighthouse had one experience of working at inner levels early in his service with the ascended masters. It was confirmed by the Brotherhood in a very interesting way. Mark tells the story in his own inimitable style:

Mark Prophet’s Soul Travel Experience

Mark Prophet, founder of the Summit Lighthouse “I remember several years ago, when I was staying at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago attending a special convention there. I went to bed one night, and as I was leaving my body, I remembered the trip across the face of America as though it were an actual plane ride. And pretty soon I was in New York and circling around, and I came down to the Empire State Building.

“Of course, as you know, there is a huge antenna on top of the Empire State Building. And so I came down on that antenna, and I placed my feet on it—one foot, I should say. And as I placed it on there, I got scared, I don’t mind telling you, because I realized that there was the street below. I had not even thought that I was traveling out of the body. I thought that I was actually physically on this tower, and I felt that at any moment, if I slipped, I might crash down to the street and get hurt.

“So, eventually, I did slip. I slipped off it and there I was. It was a fog, and I was falling in this fog. The next thing, I said, ‘For goodness’ sakes, I don’t have to fall.’ So we crossed the Atlantic Ocean, went over to Paris, like Lindbergh, you know.

“What did I say to myself on this occasion? I said, ‘Why, that’s only a dream.’ I woke up and I remembered the details. But I said, ‘It’s only a dream.’

“Then I went down in the elevator the next morning. There right across from me at the breakfast table was a little old lady, probably about seventy-five to eighty, maybe even eighty-five. At that time I was not a vegetarian, and I was having my bacon and eggs with coffee. It tasted pretty good, and I was really enjoying it. This lady had ordered a little breakfast of fruit, and she sat there, sipping her coffee and eating her fruit. And she kept looking at me. She sat there with what you’d call a Mona Lisa smile, you know.

“And I said to myself, ‘What in the world is going on with this lady? Why is she looking at me like that?’

“Well, pretty soon she looked at me. ‘Ahem.’

“I said, ‘Yes? How are you?’

“‘I’m fine,’ she said. ‘By the way, I was really amused last night when your foot slipped off the top of the Empire State Building.’

Now, was it a dream? You decide.

“The point is, I knew I was not alone because others were with me. And the thing that you have to realize is that God is not limited by your body.

“Just because he created your body does not mean that your soul is in that body like an imp in a bottle, and you can’t get out of it. Of course you can get out of it! You get out of it at death, don’t you? When you lay your body down at night you can also get out of it. And where do you go? Well, you go where God wants you to go.”1

Memories of the Retreats

For most of mankind, the knowledge gained during their retreat experiences will manifest only in subtle ways upon awakening. For example, if they were to come into contact with some aspect of the teaching of the Brotherhood or a point of cosmic law that they had learned in the retreats, the memory of the experience there might be activated. They might have a sense that something they have just heard or seen is ringing true in their heart. Somehow they feel that this is not new to them – sometime, somewhere they have heard this before, but they just cannot quite remember where or when.

It may be some time before they actually remember their inner experiences, and in the meantime, the memory becomes the polestar that guides their life and helps them to make right decisions day by day. But by and by they may begin to remember. Perhaps they will have flashes and memories, and they will think that it is a dream. But it is not a dream. It is a real experience that they have had in their soul and solar consciousness, in their etheric body at night.

Using the Violet Flame to Help Remember Retreat Experiences

Using the violet flame to remember etheric retreat experiences

The use of the violet flame can be very helpful in remembering your retreat experiences. As you purify your four lower bodies with the violet flame, as you practice the ritual when you retire at night of asking your God Presence to be taken to the retreats, you will begin to have the dim, faint memory of your experience. One day, you will awaken in the morning, and you will remember being in a temple. You will remember the room where you sat, and you will remember the teacher who stood before you. It will be one of the greatest experiences of your life, and it is not far away.

It simply takes the clearing of the chakras, the purification of your own mind and soul so that what is impressed upon the soul can filter through to your outer awareness. You have much to look forward to as you apply the teachings of the masters and willingly sacrifice the impurities of the human consciousness into the flame.