Spiritual Retreat of Archangel Uriel and Aurora

Etheric Retreat of the Archangels of the Sixth Ray

The retreat of Uriel and Aurora is located in the etheric realm over the Tatra Mountains south of Cracow, Poland. Archangel Uriel and Aurora are the archangels of the sixth ray of ministration and service. In their ministrations, they guard the dawn of the Christ consciousness in mankind and elemental life.

Archangel of Peace and the Resurrection Flame

The sixth ray is also the ray of peace. Archangel Uriel and Aurora’s retreat keeps the flame of peace for mankind until they are able to invoke it for themselves. Uriel is also the angel of the resurrection flame. The resurrection flame is mother-of-pearl in color, and it brings renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation so that you, like a phoenix, can rise out of the ashes of your former self. Archangel Uriel teaches us how to use the resurrection flame to conquer fear and achieve true God-mastery.

Archangel Uriel gives a number of keys for changing your life, your family, your community and your planet for the better. The first is to call to the seven archangels to infuse your spiritual centers, your chakras, with the light of the Universal Christ. He says:

“Only call to us in the name of God I AM THAT I AM and in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, to enter your affairs. Then stand fast and behold the salvation of your God! Stand fast and see the healing of the nations through the work of the seven archangels!”1

“When you call upon us, we are instantaneously with you. When you do not call upon us, even though we want to save you, cosmic law says we cannot intervene. We are required to respect your free will.”2

Uriel and Aurora also serve with legions of Peace from the Retreat of Jesus and Nada in Saudi Arabia.

Prayers To Archangel Uriel and Aurora

Morning Prayer
Archangel Uriel said the when you make this call, “I will place my Presence with you. I will quicken, as I am able according to your own containment of the Spirit in your chakras, according to the conservation of light within you; I will multiply by the power of ten whatever is there – in balance, in alignment, in poise, in peace, in the heart of the threefold flame, and in your chakras. I will multiply it by my Presence, by the power of ten for your exercise of the Word.”3

O Uriel, make me now your Electronic Presence burning bright, through the night and through the day. Make me, then, the magnet of the Central Sun, arcing into the earth by the very sacred fire of your heart, those currents of Almighty God that are necessary for change and for the turning of the worlds!.

Evening Prayer Before Retiring

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
O my soul, let us arise from our abode.
Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, with Archangel Michael and a cordon of blue-lightening angels, transport my soul clothed in my finer bodies, fully equipped with the armor of God, to Archangel Uriel and Aurora’s retreat over the Tatra Mountains Poland or to the designated place of my Holy Work this night. Escort me, instruct me, and guide and protect me and all co-servers, I pray Thee, now and always as we serve to cut free all life on earth.

Etheric Retreats of the Archangels


Summit Lighthouse Books on the Archangels:

Books by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the Archangels and their prophecies to mankind on the world’s returning karma. Spiritual books on how to work with the violet flame and the angels for personal and world spiritual transformation and global change.

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